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SHENZHEN XINKAND ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was established in May 2001. Monitor accessories and supplies mainly engaged in R & D, manufacturing and sales of its products, including a variety of high-quality monitor, oximeter, pulse oximetry (SpO2) probe, ECG (ECG) cable and leadwires, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) cuff, Monitor accessories and plug and palm pulse oximeter. The products are widely used in the monitor, oximeter, ECG machine, HOLTER electroencephalograph, B ultrasound, fetal monitors and other equipment. Complete product specifications, compatible with the majority of imported and domestic models. Products produced in accordance with the latest international standards, with a non-toxic, no side effects, durable, anti-interference and comfortable, accurate detection and other features.
The company cited the the UDT's most state-of-the-art high-tech, through the study of physiological signal detection, extraction and processing technology, to adapt to today's clinical medicine needs of the non-invasive detection of development and its practical application. Compatible with a variety of monitors, pulse oximeter probe and palm pulse oximeter has been developed, the product has a more user-friendly and ergonomic design, provides a more accurate and reliable means of detection.
Company production center located in the ease of Longhua Town, with the the complete oxygen probe production and testing equipment. For a long time, the focus on the introduction and training of professionals, the company's existing R & D engineering and technical personnel more than 50 people, including a team of experts has long been engaged in the product development of medical oxygen probe, has been the formation of a research and development, management, manufacturing high quality and professional team. Insist on cooperation with famous foreign enterprises, research institutes, to master the world's most advanced concept of product development and the rapid development of high-tech, to maintain synchronization with the world level in technology, combined with the clinical experience of the Chinese medical experts, continued to emerge, so that the quality of the product constantly continue to improve, be able to meet or exceed the needs of customers.
SHENZHEN XINKAND ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. of Shenzhen City to maintain an international technical lead, the company seeks to 13485 quality management system, strict quality products and comprehensive service in place to ensure that agents and user Houguwuyou of, won the recognition and respect of the majority of users. We are well aware that this is only the beginning. User trust is our greatest power user trust is our greatest pressure. We will continue to innovate, and sustainable management together into the future with you, meet the challenge.